Miracle Weight Loss Pill That Naturally Burns Fat Nets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History!



Ohio Single Mom, April Simon, netted the biggest deal in Shark Tank history with all 5 “Shark” investors teaming up to buy 30% of the company for a record-breaking $12 million dollars! After dominating the Canadian Healthcare and Diet industry in just 6 short months, Simon is now ready to make big noise in the global markets, and with the help of these experienced Sharks they are poised to make some real money. They’ve recently completed a series of re-branding and re-packaging and are now ready to launch Nature’s Trim Garcinia in the United States, with the help of Life Love Magazine.

Once the 5 Sharks helped bring this product to the US, celebrities could not get enough. Billionaire “Shark Tank” moguls aren’t the only celebrities endorsing this fat burning wonder. Megyn Kelly, Melissa McCarthy, Carrie Underwood and Wendy Williams have all reported to have lost a significant amount of body fat using the same diet. This new product is the hottest thing in Hollywood right now, and not without reason either. This clinically proven formula can melt off 8 lbs of fat every 7 days, flush out the junk in your body, and prevent your body from producing additional fat. And best of all, the product is completely natural. Doubtful about the results, we did more research.

Here at Life Love Magazine we only write about and endorse the best products that guarantee the best results. After interviewing with Amanda it was clear that we had to try out this revolutionary product for ourselves in order to write a proper story.


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